General English Programme

General English Lessons

Course Description

At ISC students receive 15 hours of General English, British Culture and Project lessons a week.

We have an excellent team of experienced, professional and friendly teachers. We were awarded a strength for teaching in our recent British Council inspection.

Our lessons are interesting and fun and focus on improving communication skills. We want to help our students improve in confidence and fluency when using English. The communicative approach is used in our classes to maximise spoken production.

When students arrive, they do a short placement test so that we can place them in the appropriate class. Our levels range from elementary to advanced. Students should have studied English for a year prior to studying at ISC. We do not offer classes for beginners.

Students practise all communication skills and pronunciation, but there is a focus on spoken production.

We use our own range of interactive and interesting course materials, which are constantly updated by our creative teaching team. We also have a well-stocked library of resources and supplementary activities to use in class.

The first two lessons of each day are General English, followed by a British Culture lesson and Project class.

In General English our students acquire and practise vocabulary, grammar and learn all about a variety of subjects. They have lots of opportunities to practise speaking with their international classmates.

Our teachers care about helping each individual student to progress and they use a variety of motivating activities, materials and technology in class.

Classes are small, with a maximum of 16 students and you will learn with classmates from all around the world.

Our teachers monitor the progress of individual students throughout the course. When students finish the course they receive a certificate and personalised report from their teacher.

There is also a prize-giving ceremony at the end of the course, in which students are rewarded for exceptional work and effort.

Learning is fun at ISC and we want to help our students learn and use English to the best of their abilities!

British Culture Lessons

Course Description

In our British Culture lessons, students have the opportunity to learn all about the British way of life, food, music, festivals and much more.

Students learn and practise topic specific vocabulary and all communication skills. Our supportive teaching staff encourage the students to interact with their international classmates to improve their spoken ability.

A variety of media, technology and fun materials and activities are used in classes to motivate and engage our students.

We also prepare our students for their excursions in British Culture lessons, where they learn all about the history, geography and cultural significance of the places they will be visiting.

It is very rewarding for our students to be able to practise the English that they have learnt in class on their trips.

Project Classes

Course Description

Project classes are unique to ISC and a hugely enjoyable and creative way to improve spoken confidence and fluency.

Mixed ability classes work together as a team with the support of their teachers to create a drama Project. Students use their imaginations to create a story, characters, costumes and props. Their drama Project is performed to their peers in an exciting Project show at the end of the course.

Classes are merged for Project and are assisted by four members of staff. Students learn how to structure and write a story, write dialogue, develop acting skills, work as a team and improve their pronunciation.

In and out of class, students can win points for their Project class for good work, effort and behaviour. The Project class with the most points is awarded the ISC cup for the best class in school.

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