ISC has a duty of care towards the students attending our courses. It is of paramount importance that the students in our care are safe and secure at all times. We build a relationship of trust between students and staff to ensure this.

Every student, regardless of age, sex, race or religion has at all times and in all situations, a right to be kept safe and be protected to the fullest possible extent, from any situation or practice that could result in their physical or psychological damage, including via social media.

Procedures and Training

The British Council acknowledge that our care of under 18s is an area of strength.

We have clear and appropriate procedures for the safeguarding of our students and we train our staff thoroughly.

Every member of staff must accept the responsibility to keep every student safe from harm. Any concerns will be reported immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Leads (Allen Dadge, Course Director and Nicola Lee, Director of Studies).

Staff are asked to complete a first stage safeguarding course and they receive induction training covering safeguarding, health and safety procedures, child protection, identifying and reporting abuse and confidentiality.

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