Read what our students have to say about us.

Maggie from Poland

‘I really love this place! Activities were the best part of every day. I hope that one day I’ll be able to come here again. I’ll miss this place and people!’

Joana from Portugal

‘My favourite thing about ISC is the activities. My English is much better. I love London and Cambridge.’

Alice from Italy

‘The best thing about this place is the happiness in the face of everyone.’

Szabolcs from Hungary

‘The best thing about ISC was meeting people from all over the world. I loved everything.'

Paola, mother of

Rebecca from Rome

‘Rebecca is absolutely enthusiastic of the great moments in Haileybury. She just talks and talks about it and chats all the time with her new friends! Thank you for being so nice to her.’

Diana from Russia

‘It was fantastic! I’ll never forget these 3 weeks. The food, the teachers, activities were excellent and perfect. It was great at ISC!!’

Nicole from Italy

‘My favourite things were the trips and the staff, everybody is so lovely!’

Deniz, 15 from Turkey

‘I think it was the best summer at ISC! It was so nice to meet new friends and learn about new cultures. I have improved my English as well as having beautiful memories!’

Can Hou Lam from China

‘I decided to come to ISC because I can make new friends from different countries, experience school life in England and most importantly, have fun. Haileybury is extraordinary.'

Marta from Spain

‘The lessons are so productive and interactive with interesting things to talk about, you can’t be bored. My best memory was the first night when I met all my house-mates and we had a great time getting to know things about each other. Haileybury is a beautiful campus and you are entertained all the time.’

Anadel, 13

from Kazakhstan

‘I’ve been to ISC three times already, I really like it! It gives you an opportunity to widen your social circle, learn about different cultures and improve your English language skills!’

Iva, Ina, Marina and

Martin’s parents, Bulgaria

‘We want to say a big THANK YOU to all the ISC staff for the professional and perfectly conducted course and the care taken of our children. They could not stop talking about ISC when they came back! For them it was an amazing possibility to learn about English culture and make friends with so many nationalities.’

Pedro from Portugal

‘My favourite thing was the experience itself. I'll never forget it.’

An excellent summer school in an amazing location